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'Life in the Shadows'

The haunting images in Siobhan Purdy’s artwork speak of a life growing up in a world where she felt invisible.  During an inspiring ‘Pop Up’ art exhibition at Green Light’s offices the Redruth based artist described her experiences as a child with autism, a condition she said that was largely unknown in the 1970s, calling it the ‘invisible disability’.

It wasn’t until she reached her 20s, after spending years in and out of hospital, that Siobhan was finally diagnosed with autism.  It was then that she discovered her talent for painting, which was to be the beginning of a self-healing journey that continues to this day.

Siobhan’s painting ‘Family Dance’ depicts the family gatherings at her home with her observing the family interacting, but always from the outside of the closed circle.

“My work is inspired by events and experiences from my past, from dreamlike peaceful times to the more heartfelt disturbing side of my life,” said Siobhan. Having grown up in Cornwall she was a shy girl…

New Behaviour Analyst Internship Role Created for 2020 - Applications Now Open

New Behaviour Analyst Internship Role Created for 2020

Autism Care Provider Green Light PBS Ltd. is creating a Behaviour Analyst Internship role for students of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).ABA is the study of behaviour and learning; applied to help people develop skills and improve quality of life.Although some special schools use ABA, Green Light is one of only a handful of adult autism care providers in the UK who now employ Board Certified Behaviour Analysts to understand and support people.  The Internship role aims to bridge the gap between study and practice for people at the start of their careers in Applied Behaviour Analysis, or Positive Behaviour Support.
Successful applicants will be closely supervised by Green Light’s Behaviour Analysts Ioanna Konstantinidou and Stephen Buckley to assess needs, develop and implement support plans and monitor progress towards goals, alongside our dedicated teams in Green Light’s homes in Cornwall.  Relocation supportis being provided t…

A Behaviour Analyst in Cornwall - Stephen Buckley reflects on his first year

I came to Cornwall to work for Green Light PBS Ltd. in November 2017.  At the time I knew absolutely nowhere in Britain.  I was very excited to be going to work there!
I can still remember the call I got to let me know that Green Light was interested in interviewing me.  During that call, I heard a lot about how Green Light was incorporating ABA into its approach toward supporting individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.  It sounded very exciting and like a great opportunity.
At this time, I had just finished a year’s contract working for a company that were using a non-applied behaviour analysis orientated positive behaviour support (PBS) model in the North West of Ireland.  I was sad to be leaving the North West of Ireland as it’s a beautiful place and the company had offered to extend my contract an additional six months. But I really wanted to work in a residential care service that used ABA tools as part of its approach to PBS.  As far as I can gather, this isn’t really wide…

Group Quality Manager Joins Green Light

Green Light's Senior Team welcomes Group Quality Manager Heather Sanders
Senior team members welcoming Heather Sanders who recently joined Green Light as ‘Group Quality Manager’.  Heather joined Green Light from her previous role as an Inspector for the industry watchdog and regulator the Care Quality Commission.  
Heather’s skills and experience will ensure that as we grow our managers receive the guidance and practical support they need to provide a great service to the people we support.  
Heather has already started to provide training and updates on sector news to managers and with her support, we hope to see teams start to achieve the ‘outstanding’ ratings they deserve.  
Heather will be sharing articles, updates and sector news from her Green Light twitter account @GLHeather

Stepping up to the challenge of understanding people's behaviour...

‘Difficult behaviours are messages which can tell us important things about a person and the quality of his or her life’ David Pitonyak Building on the success of their first in-house behaviour analyst, Green Light recently appointed a second behaviour analyst to help understand these messages and the support needed for a decent quality of life.

Stephen Buckley, who grew up in County Cork and studied an MSc in Applied Behaviour Science at Trinity College in Dublin, is working alongside Tizard Centre trained behaviour analyst, Ioanna Konstantinidou to create tailored programmes of support for individuals with autism and other conditions increasing the risk of the person displaying ‘challenging behaviour.’ Behaviour that is detrimental to their safety or ability to have a decent quality of life.

Green Light’s director, Jo Pyrah said “Many of the people that we support have long histories of being failed or let down by services. More often than not, this is due to people failing t…
Ex-service personnel looking for a new career are ideally suited to the care industry, says Marcel Ballinger, a former Royal Marine who recently joined Green Light. He’s no stranger to danger having spent 15 years with various units touring countries including Afghanistan, Iraq and Sierra Leone. “People think that ex-military personnel are cold and hard-faced but I’m very passionate and caring. War operations are not just about fighting it’s about winning the hearts and minds of the local communities and finding commonality and building trust.”
Marcel left 30 Commando RM Plymouth in 2012 and was working as a bodyguard for the British Embassy in Baghdad when a chance encounter with a spider saw him return home to Cornwall for good. “I was bitten on the ankle and ended up in the American hospital. It was touch and go for a while as the poison spread through my leg. They threatened to amputate but thankfully I made a full recovery, it made me realise what was important in my life, my son…

New Deputy Manager at Springfield House

Kerry & Sarah congratulating Calum on his recent appointment as Deputy Manager at Springfield House in Perrancoombe.
Springfield House, the latest home to be opened by Green Light, is currently home to two young men, with a third young man hoping to move in early next year.  Supported by a team of 12 plus staff it’s a busy household nestled in the picturesque Perrancoombe Valley on the outskirts of the popular beach resort of Perranporth.  
Calum Rollo joins the team as Deputy Manager. It’s a varied role and one that Calum is excited to have taken on: “My aim will be to maintain the great team spirit and morale amongst the team.  Having worked as a support worker at another Green Light home, The Pines, helps me relate to the team.  It’s good for them to know that I can do the job.  There was a great mix of skills at The Pines. Everyone had different needs that took patience and a flexible approach.  We used to walk on the coastal paths and we visited a theme park. For one young man …

Behaviour expert joins Autism Care Team in Cornwall

Behaviour Expert Joins Autism Care Team in Cornwall

L-R Green Light’s head of recruitment, Sarah Miller, Ioanna Konstantinidou and Green Light’s managing director, Jo Pyrah.
Cornish care company, Green Light PBS Ltd has welcomed a behaviour analyst, Ioanna (Yianna) Konstantinidou to its team in Newquay. Her key aims are to provide bespoke training for Green Light’s support teams working with adults who have autism, some of whom may present with challenging behaviours. Initially, she will be involved in training new employees for three new family-sized homes which are due to open in Perranporth, Redruth and Camborne.
Ioanna trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to Masters level at the internationally regarded University of Kent School for Learning Disabilities; The Tizard Centre and is the first ABA practitioner registered with the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board to be based in the county.
The company, which employs more than 200 people and runs 14 fa…