Being where you are meant to be. A guest blog by Babs Davies

Babs Davies shares her experience of joining Green Light's Fairfield Team in Portreath on the North Coast of Cornwall.

I hold a firm belief that wherever you are in life, is exactly where you are meant to be and I’m absolutely stoked to be precisely where I am. Having left Australia in February to come and spend time in the UK with family, I was determined to find work in a different field to teaching but one that would be just as rewarding. 

My experiences at Fairfield so far have been remarkable. 

Babs Davies & Debbie Smith Manager in the garden at Fairfield

Starting any new role can be overwhelming to say the least but walking into the house on my first day, I could not have been put more at ease. I have never been so warmly welcomed at the beginning of any previous employment. Regardless of the challenges that Covid 19 brought, my manager calmly navigated all the online training that was available. When shadowing, colleagues skilfully continued their care work, while respectfully explaining why things were done in a certain way. There is care and genuine concern within each interaction between team members and the people we support. 

There are so many beautiful and poignant moments throughout each day; where the smell of breakfast fills the kitchen, music plays from the radio and plans are made to make sure that the day is special and flows smoothly.  The relationship between people has an innate and natural rhythm. Careful responses to appease anxiety flow effortlessly and effectively throughout the day. Within the team, there is an absolute non-existence of ego. Every team member is there primarily to create the best experience for the people we support. They are also incredibly supportive of each other. Should one team member be having a more challenging day, someone else will clandestinely complete extra chores in order to lighten their load. This kind of altruism in a workplace can be rare. 

To be working in a role, where your focus lies first and foremost with ensuring that another human thrives, is a privilege. This is less of a job than a role with an incredible purpose. 

Babs Davies

Support Worker