A day in the life of... Gemma Richards, Registered Manager

Gemma Richards, Registered Manager joined Green Light in January 2019, but has long-standing professional relationships with many of the people working with and supported by the company. Gemma leads a team of dedicated support workers in a home created for just one person in a home near Redruth, Cornwall. The team has a reputation for being very creative and person-centred.

Q: What previous experience of autism or learning disability did you have before joining Green Light?

A: I worked for another company that supports people with autism and learning disabilities and so did have some experience. However, every person that I have ever supported is so different and I feel that I have learnt so much from each individual that I have supported.

Q: What kind of things do you and your team do on a typical day?

A: We support the most amazing individual to live her daily life in the way that she wants to, ensuring that we are promoting her independence as much as possible through person-centred care.

The back garden

Q: What kind of things would you be doing to support the people living in your home?

A: We could be doing anything from supporting the individual with daily living skills, accessing the wider community, supporting them to fulfil their goals and aspirations, and becoming more independent with their skills.

Q: What are the challenges & rewards of supporting people with autism & learning disabilities?

A: No two days are ever the same - I feel that I am constantly learning something new about the role and the people we support.

Q: As you head to work; what do you most look forward to?

A: Seeing what today will bring and being part of a dedicated team that provides amazing support on a daily basis.

Q: What has surprised you most about working with people with autism & learning disabilities?

A: It is such a rewarding job and I have learnt so much from the individuals I have supported.

Q: Have you learned anything unexpected about yourself or your skills and abilities?

A: I feel it is important to not become complacent -  I want to continue to develop and keep learning!!

Q: What's been the highlight of your career working with people with autism and learning disabilities so far?

A: Coming back into the role when I joined Green Light last year!! I feel so privileged to be in this role, working in such a great team and supporting such an incredible individual.

Q: As you leave work, at the end of a typical day, how do you know you've done a great job?

A: Seeing the individual that I support develop and achieve what she has set out to do -  big or small. Supporting a team with whatever the day may bring and keeping a positive and healthy attitude.

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