A day in the life of...Dave Phillips, Support Worker

Dave Phillips joined Green Light in January 2019. He is a Support Worker with the Tresleigh team, who support four adults with autism and learning disabilities in a home split into four self-contained apartments in a popular village between Truro & St. Austell.

Q: What previous experience of autism or learning disability did you have before joining Green Light?

A: I have a family member with autism. 

Q: What kind of things do you and your team do on a typical day?

A: Make the most of the time. We encourage and challenge the people we support and ourselves in achieving a normal day but then to do something new.

Q: What kind of things would you be doing to support the people living in your home?

A: Interacting and having fun everyday.

Q: What are the challenges & rewards of supporting people with autism & learning disabilities?

A: It rarely feels like work and it shows when we get our just rewards of a huge smile from the people we support.  Only challenge is long shifts but most of the time they fly by, with a full and busy day. 

Q: As you head to work; what do you most look forward to?

A: Never knowing what we can achieve and working with some amazing people

Q: What has surprised you most about working with people with autism & learning disabilities?


A: The love we get shown and having someone who relies on us to get through the day then gives us some amazing feedback, even from people who may be non-verbal.

Q: Have you learned anything unexpected about yourself or your skills and abilities?

A: I can actually do this and enjoy doing it!

Q: What kind of skills & values would you say people need to have, or develop, in order to be great at this kind of work?

A: Patience and being open to swift changes helps.

Q: What's been the highlight of your career working with people with autism and learning disabilities so far?

A; Having some wonderful feedback from those around me.

Q: As you leave work, at the end of a typical day, how do you know you've done a great job?

A: I smile and feel great

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  1. Lovely to read your blog post, Dave. Great to see how Tresleigh continues to go from strength to strength.


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