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Taking the Fear and Anxiety out of Hospital Visits

As a former journalist I have spent many hours pounding the wards at the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust at Treliske meeting patients, nurses and consultants and many volunteers, telling their stories and describing life in a bustling city hospital. I remember feeling a sense of trepidation whenever I arrived acknowledging that for those needing treatment it can be a daunting and nerve wracking experience. Hospitals, like large hotels, welcome thousands of people each day and for those with autism the wards pose particular challenges because of busy, noisy corridors filled with strangers and weird machines that look more at home on a Dr Who set, anyone who has had an MRI scan will understand.
Daniella Rubio-Mayer (L) and Jane Rees from the RCHT Acute Liaison Nurse Team 
I recently met nurses who provide a calming hand for people with learning disabilities and autism who for whatever reason feel overwhelmed and anxious during their visit to the Trust’s hospitals at Treliske, Hayle or Penz…