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A Behaviour Analyst in Cornwall - Stephen Buckley reflects on his first year

I came to Cornwall to work for Green Light PBS Ltd. in November 2017.  At the time I knew absolutely nowhere in Britain.  I was very excited to be going to work there!
I can still remember the call I got to let me know that Green Light was interested in interviewing me.  During that call, I heard a lot about how Green Light was incorporating ABA into its approach toward supporting individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.  It sounded very exciting and like a great opportunity.
At this time, I had just finished a year’s contract working for a company that were using a non-applied behaviour analysis orientated positive behaviour support (PBS) model in the North West of Ireland.  I was sad to be leaving the North West of Ireland as it’s a beautiful place and the company had offered to extend my contract an additional six months. But I really wanted to work in a residential care service that used ABA tools as part of its approach to PBS.  As far as I can gather, this isn’t really wide…

Group Quality Manager Joins Green Light

Green Light's Senior Team welcomes Group Quality Manager Heather Sanders
Senior team members welcoming Heather Sanders who recently joined Green Light as ‘Group Quality Manager’.  Heather joined Green Light from her previous role as an Inspector for the industry watchdog and regulator the Care Quality Commission.  
Heather’s skills and experience will ensure that as we grow our managers receive the guidance and practical support they need to provide a great service to the people we support.  
Heather has already started to provide training and updates on sector news to managers and with her support, we hope to see teams start to achieve the ‘outstanding’ ratings they deserve.  
Heather will be sharing articles, updates and sector news from her Green Light twitter account @GLHeather