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Winning the Race - The Importance of Friendship

Green Light recently opened its doors to Sue Humberstone who while on holiday in Cornwall kindly agreed to talk to us about her experiences of bringing up her son who has Asperger’s and a rare condition - Prader Willi syndrome. Sue’s honest and moving account of her family’s ups and downs gives us a real insight into the trials and tribulations facing many families caring for a child with complex needs and the importance of having the right support and environment.
“I am a mother of two children, a daughter Grace, who is 23 and a son, Elliot, who is 19. From the moment Elliot was born we knew our lives would never be the same. I’ll never forget the day that he arrived by caesarian section, his tiny, floppy body lying still. We were in shock for the first few days as he was looked after in the special baby care unit. There were no screams, all I could do was watch as my baby was fed via a gastric-nasal tube, anxiously waiting for him to wake. The doctors explained that he had Prader Wi…

New partner leads to new home, new career and a new dog!

It has been a life-changing year for Green Light’s latest member of staff who after meeting his new partner decided it was time to change careers and move several hundred miles to set-up home in Cornwall. Paul Kimber met his partner, Verity, at her brother’s party in London last year. The pair hit it off straight away and in September this year Paul left his job of more than ten years with Tesco’s, and his home in West Sussex to relocate to Cornwall. “I had been wanting a change, I came here primarily to be with Verity, but as I’ve got older my outlook on life has changed and I wanted a brand new start and a career where I can help people.”

Paul is busy settling into two new homes, a farmhouse in Rosevidney, which he now shares with  Verity and her son, Austyn, and Green Light’s Huthnance Park in Nancegollan, where he started his first shift as a support worker today. The rural lifestyle is a far cry from the busy streets of Sussex,  although Paul hopes his new job will give him a fres…