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In Safe Hands - how frontline experience is helping support staff

Quality training can boost staff morale and give people the ability to do their jobs with confidence. It is vital that people wanting to support those with autism and challenging behaviours are given the knowledge and understanding to be able to do their job effectively. Green Light has been working with ‘In Safe Hands’ Training for two years.
The company’s founder, former RAF infantryman, Tim Puffer, set up the organisation wanting to utilise his skills as a combat medical technician. Having returned home following a decade as a serviceman, with many years helping soldiers injured on the frontline, he dedicated his time to working as a co-responder with the South West Ambulance Service. “All of our trainers have operational experience, says Tim: “We have people involved with the ambulance service, volunteers with the RNLI rescue teams and nursing.” 

Tim in action at Green Light's training and administration centre in Redruth.

This week ‘In Safe Hands’ has been delivering training i…

Out of Africa, 'Autism Sinethemba’

Green Light’s deputy manager, Dave Churchill, is returning to his roots in South Africa on a fact-finding mission to see how different cultures and families support people who have autism. Dave, based at Littlecroft, Holywell Bay in Newquay, has been instrumental in developing new opportunities for the young men living in three bungalows at the site.  A keen exponent of Positive Behaviour Support, an approach which focuses on each person’s environment and the way in which they interact with those around them, he is hoping to find out what support is available for people in his hometown, Buffalow City, formerly known as East London, in South Africa. It will be his first trip home in a decade and as well as catching up with family and friends he is also meeting staff at ‘Autism Sinethemba’, a non-profit organization, set up to provide education and support for young, pre-school children with autism. “I’d never heard of autism until I arrived in England,” said Dave, who has studied horticu…