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The Great Outdoors Leads to Life Affirming Experiences

Organising a break for someone with autism is not without its challenges. As well as overcoming anxieties, such as travelling by car, train or ferry, there’s also new environments and strangers to deal with. Green Light is showing that despite these hurdles holidays can lift people’s spirits, be a welcome break from daily routines and create exciting opportunities to reach out and try life affirming experiences.
John relaxing in his garden
John is a young man whose stature and confidence has grown year on year. With support from Green Light he has taken on rock climbing, kayaking, horse riding and swimming, achieving far more than was ever expected.  John, who is nonverbal, lives near Newquay’s picturesque beaches where his love of the great outdoors has been gently nurtured by his former key worker, Dominique Garcia-Jones. “I spent a long time getting to know John and devised an activity board so that we could communicate more effectively. When he first came to the home he was very in…

Cornwall to Paris - making dreams come true at Disneyland.

This summer has seen many of the people that we support enjoy amazing experiences thanks to our staff going that extra mile to make their dreams come true.  We have seen Hugo travel by boat, train and car to France - fulfilling his ambition to tour several World War II sites, while Michael had a thrilling time at Alton Towers. Daniel is the latest young man to return from his own epic journey having travelled to Disneyland in Paris accompanied by his support workers, Tom Baines and Kelly Cumberbatch.
Dan having fun with the characters from Lion King.

Daniel flew from Exeter to Paris where he spent an action packed three days exploring the theme park. “When we arrived we were blown away by how big Disneyland is,” said Tom. “It’s a huge town with restaurants and themed rides dominated by a spectacular castle. It was breathtaking.”  
The highlight of their trip was a dramatic light show and firework display and the numerous themed rides Daniel’s favourites being the Sword and the Stone, Dum…