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Tigger - it's all in the name!

“People warned me that no one would take me seriously if I changed my name, but it’s been awesome. Far from damaging my career it’s helped. It’s memorable and people often question it. It’s a great way to be introduced.” Named after the A.A.Milne character, renowned for his boisterous and exuberant ways, Tigger is a people person bursting with energy whose main business is to improve the way that people communicate with one another.Tigger changed his name 19 years ago while he was working as a Duke of Edinburgh leader in Cornwall. “I was handed a Winnie the Pooh mascot. The kids told me that I was more like Tigger and the name stuck. PR wise it’s been the best thing I've done.”

Tigger during a visit to Green Light.

Having started out as a support worker for people with a learning disability, Tigger was encouraged to learn sign language and is now celebrating 25 years as a Makaton tutor in the South West: “I’m extremely proud, I must have taught thousands of people across the region.…