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A Behaviour Analyst in Cornwall - Stephen Buckley reflects on his first year

I came to Cornwall to work for Green Light PBS Ltd. in November 2017.  At the time I knew absolutely nowhere in Britain.  I was very excited to be going to work there!
I can still remember the call I got to let me know that Green Light was interested in interviewing me.  During that call, I heard a lot about how Green Light was incorporating ABA into its approach toward supporting individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.  It sounded very exciting and like a great opportunity.
At this time, I had just finished a year’s contract working for a company that were using a non-applied behaviour analysis orientated positive behaviour support (PBS) model in the North West of Ireland.  I was sad to be leaving the North West of Ireland as it’s a beautiful place and the company had offered to extend my contract an additional six months. But I really wanted to work in a residential care service that used ABA tools as part of its approach to PBS.  As far as I can gather, this isn’t really wide…