"Am I the lucky one?" - A guest blog by Stacey Hancock

Stacey Hancock is Deputy Manager at Tresleigh, a home adapted into four two-bedroom self-contained apartments for four adults with autism and learning disabilities near Truro.  

I ask myself daily. ...Am I the lucky one?

I get to go to work in a job I love and have done for nearly 6 years.  In a company with excellent ethos and a powerful mission statement; to ‘empower people to achieve a lifestyle they are proud of’. I get to see work colleagues who have become close friends.  I’ve witnessed the Tresleigh team bond like a ‘family’ in these testing times.  I feel for those more vulnerable, having to self isolate, with no social media or smartphones, seeing nothing but the four walls of their homes.  I feel for them and feel lucky myself!

It kills me not to see my family, other than seeing them on Facetime or through a window, or having to run away from my Nan to my car, as she’s trying to give me £2 for the walnuts I bought her. She didn’t at first get the social distancing rules.  She does now!

This quote gets me and hits home hard ‘I’d rather see them through a window or on Facetime than in a hospital bed.  Or even worse; at a funeral home, or in a coffin’  And that is the reality in this uncertain time.

I feel lucky to have the work life and social media I have.  On top of this I am blessed that my partner Hannah works in the same company doing the same job.  She’s the blonde better looking one in the photo above!  Hannah is a Registered Manager who I have the utmost respect for.  We are both in jobs we love and lucky we can talk to each other, help each other conquer unknown fears or solve a ‘problem’ when it arises.  Does this relieve my anxiety?  No.  It heightens it.  Knowing we cannot protect each other completely from this cruel pandemic happening around us.  Knowing we have no choice but to continue working.  People need us.  Depend on us.  In turn, we need them.  Going to work daily and abiding by the Government guidelines is all we can do.  Living in our own bubble when we are not working.  Yes.  I am the lucky one to live with my best friend!

That sense of relief and daily achievement.  Finishing a shift with a team you lead are all happy and safe.  Where the guys you support have had a good day, despite the times we're in.  Then walking through the door at home to see Hannah and our little pooch Lola’s face makes me extremely happy and thankful.  Waking up in the morning feeling healthy sets me up for another day supporting incredible individuals through a tough and telling time.  Yes, I’m the lucky one!

Am I part of the best team?   Quite simply; yes!  Again for that I am the lucky one!

The work going on at Tresleigh through the pandemic is epic!  Morale has remained high throughout the last 6 weeks, with team members supporting each other on a daily basis.  Everyday going above and beyond to make the best of an uncontrollable situation.

Cake seems to help and has played a big part at Tresleigh.  We have some incredible bakers in our team.  It seems the obvious thing to help in these times.

*Disclosure - I baked mine from a packet and for that reason alone the team should be extremely grateful. #icantbake (ha ha)

The team are always coming up with new ideas to improve the home and environment at Tresleigh. We have a sensory vegetable and herb patch in the starting stages.  We have transformed the garden with garden games, chalk rainbows and football goal outline.  This encourages the 3 people we support to interact and socialise with each other and use the space in the beautiful weather we’ve been having.  We're still getting out and about, using time wisely for daily walks, exploring and having fun! - Having fun is what it’s all about in these times!

Everyone has been involved and engaged.  From doing jigsaw puzzles to planting chillies and in creating a message from the Tresleigh team to the rest of our Green Light colleagues: ‘stay positive, stay safe’.

It’s been easy to keep the team positive at Tresleigh.  They are naturally such a positive, enthusiastic, hard working, person centred team!  I couldn’t be prouder.  To be part of such a great team!

So to sum up - Am I the lucky one?  I am lucky to have family, friends and an incredible team around me.  To be doing a job I love.  To feel supported whilst doing it.  I’m healthy.  I’m happy. YES I am the lucky one!