'Joining Green Light in a global pandemic' - guest blog by Mike Kerr

Mike Kerr joined Green Light in March 2020.  He is now part of the Big Wig team supporting three adults with autism and learning disabilities in the home in Holywell Bay near Newquay.

Joining Green Light in a global pandemic

It’s been a crazy time for me over the last few months. One minute I was jobless after the closure of a small hospitality business, the next, I’m part of an incredible team doing such incredible things.

Due to the current situation we find ourselves in, I was thrust into the unknown, into a home with 3 guys who I knew nothing about and who I didn’t think I could possibly support so soon.  At Bigwig, as I’m sure is the same across the board at Green Light, that was never going to be an issue.  As well as being given the time to complete any relevant training I was also given the time to get to know these incredible people and was made so comfortable so quickly.

I couldn’t ask for better colleagues to work alongside, always planning the next move to enhance the lives of our wonderful guys and making me feel like part of the team instantly. A special shout in particular to Beccy who has taken me under her wing and lead by example.  As for the management of Chris Kidd and Hannah Rundle; you couldn’t wish for anyone else to be behind you and all I can do is thank you for what you do for the staff and guys at Bigwig.

I’ve learned so much in so little time and I can’t begin to express how excited I am to watch the people we support grow and flourish further! I am also excited to continue to learn and grow at Bigwig and make the positive impact I set out to make! There really is no place I’d rather be than at Bigwig and Green Light!


Mike Kerr
Support Worker


  1. So wonderful to hear you're enjoying your new role, and to hear about the awesome work you're doing :)

  2. You were always meant to be doing this Mike. So caring, kind and totally committed to making a difference. Look forward to following your journey. ��


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